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Extinguish the Fires of Anger: Extinguish Anger by Cultivating Wrathful Compassion & Patience

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There seems a lot to be angry about these days: the climate crisis, political polarization, wars, etc. And that's on top of our conflicts at home and work. When contemplating these things, our anger can feel justified. However, the problem with self-directed anger or anger toward others is that it takes away peace of mind and reduces intelligence, which hinders our problem-solving ability and can trigger more anger. Anger, both repressed and expressed, also keeps our nervous system in fight or flight, which, over prolonged periods, can adversely affect our health. 

This course will be offered in three parts; Parts 2 & 3 are optional. However, attending Part 1 is required to participate in Parts 2 or 3.
Part 1 and 3 will be recorded if you cannot make the dates. However, you must still register for the class. Only those registered will receive the recordings. 

Part 1 will include teachings that will provide a deeper understanding of anger, how it forms in the mind, its contributory and substantial causes, and tools to alleviate it. We will also discuss the difference between anger and wrath and how to use wrath to create change without hurting ourselves. We will also learn about the practice of patience, which is water to the flames of anger. Part one will also include a clearing of obstacles to overcoming anger. 

Part 2 will support you each weekday following Part 1. During those days, you will practice being mindful of anger and applying the tools to help quiet your mind. The group will stay connected through the Slack platform, where you can share your daily experiences with Cai and the group if you wish. Cai will also tune in with you at 8:00 AM California time each morning to help clear obstacles to overcoming anger. More information on this week of practices will be shared at the end of Part 1, which will be recorded. 

Part 3 will be a live Q&A session plus guided practice of some of the tools covered in Part 1. You will also receive continued clearing of obstacles.

This session is not suitable for those under 18. However, if you feel your younger teen is mature enough to take a class with adults and your teen wishes to attend, please get in touch with the office to discuss their registration with Cai or Michèle.

All courses are based on Vajrayana Buddhist teachings. However, you do not need to be Buddhist or become Buddhist to benefit from the philosophies. Everyone is welcome, no previous experience is required. Please don't hesitate to contact the office with questions or concerns about this course. 

Registration is Now Closed

This course is offered by suggested donation.

If you need to donate a different amount please contact the office. 

* The registration deadline is two hours before each part.

Part 1

Sunday, February 18

8:30 - 11:30 AM Pacific

Suggested Donation $95

Part 2 (optional)

Monday - Friday, February 19-23 

Suggested Donation $50

Part 3 (optional)

Sunday February 25,

8:30 - 10:30 AM Pacific

Suggested Donation $85

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